7th June 2023
Croke Park, Dublin
Roundtable 5

Ransomware: The sh*t has hit the fan. What now?

  • Do have a recovery procedure that has been real-world tested?
  • Who is responsible for each step? Understanding the scope of the problem, recovery, law enforcement etc.
  • Should you pay the terrorist? Can you? Do you have a crypto wallet?
  • Sure, your data and systems have been encrypted but has your data been stolen too? How would you know?
  • Who manages your systems today? Do you trust them? Are they ultimately responsible / liable? – Reviewing Contractual agreements, SLAs, contract responsibilities, legal liability, cyber insurance, & independent security accreditations.
  • Is recovery actually possible and how long can you survive without your standard applications, databases and processes? Are your backups protected, isolated and immutable?
  • When is the right time to tell your clients?

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